Bassetts Soft & Chewy range:

One for everyone

Bassetts Soft & Chewy has a choice of delicious soft and chewy one-a-day vitamins that are specially formulated to help support a healthy lifestyle at all ages and stages.

Just one Bassetts Soft & Chewy pastille contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of important vitamins.

One-a-day. One hundred percent. One for everyone.

Children and Vitamins

When our children are young, we all want to make sure they get the best start in life. Making sure they get the right vitamins can help. The tricky thing can be getting kids to take them, especially if they contain Omega-3!

Don't worry though - when it comes to deliciously soft and chewy, easy-to-take children’s vitamins, Bassetts Soft & Chewy are experts!

Our Early Health children's vitamins have been specially formulated to help support the needs of growing children aged 3+: not only are they soft, chewy and easy to take, but each one-a-day pastille contains 100% RDA of vitamins essential for healthy growth and development.

What is RDA?

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) is a figure given as a guide to the amount of vitamins and minerals we need to promote health and prevent deficiencies. You can use the RDA to compare the amount of vitamins in different foods and supplements.

The One & Only Bassetts Soft & Chewy

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