Bubble Pop

A simple toddler game to produce and catch bubbles

What do you need?

Bubble making items e.g. bubble wands, bubble machines or bubble mixture. Click here for more information on how to make your own bubble wands and bubble mixture

As with any activity, they will need an adult to help them.

  • How many can do this?
  • Will suit what age?
  • How long does the fun last?

A great way to provide an hour of entertainment and giggles during an afternoon in the sun.

Step 1

Get the toddlers positioned somewhere outside to avoid the risk of slippy floors.

Step 2
Step 2

Next get producing bubbles. For extra impact have three adults or older children producing bubbles so that you have lots of them bouncing around in the sky. Encourage the children to chase them around and pop them.

Step 3
Step 3

Next, introduce some giant bubbles (click here for a DIY guide) and let the children play.